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The Path Of Ramees


The Rise Of Ramees


In 2008, "The Blue Ones" from the SIRIUS star system approached the one they call "Ramees"

They advised him to "heal himself" of his many lifetimes of accumulated trauma. He was told if he didn't deal with his trauma in this lifetime, it would prevent him from ascending to become part of the new evolved humanity.  He was also told that it was his task to find a way of permanently releasing trauma from his DNA which would bring him back in to balance and cancel out his karmic debt.

The Blue Ones provided detailed information over the course of 3 years about human evolution and their conversations are transcribed in Books One and Three.  They explain in detail why we can't move forward and are unable to evolve unless we release traumatic memories from our DNA. Book Two reveals the releasing technique and how to work with Universal Law in order to overcome the suffering of this world. 

Threebridges Foundation was established to help humanity move forward by supplying information to support those wishing to survive the coming upheavals by becoming self sufficient and self empowering. 

Threebridges is publishing the Ramees trilogy on how to illuminate the conscious mind and liberate us from the repetitive karmic cycle so that we can graduate in to a new and higher evolved peaceful human species, without ever having to experience disease, suffering or death ever again.

You don't need a whole library full of books to gain life altering wisdom, just these 3 books will do it.


The Law Of Ramees