Helping Humanity Move Forward




​                                                                          The Purpose of Life is  ....... "To Heal and Evolve" 

Within Every One of us is All the Knowledge of the Universe. If we Heal and Raise our Consciousness we can tap into this Information.​ The Ramees series is designed to help you unlock this Wisdom. If you read, absorb and follow the teachings laid out in the Ramees books, you will raise your vibration to connect to your own spiritual guidance which will ensure you get precisely whatever you need.

As you heal yourself, you will notice that your enquiring mind will have fewer questions as time goes by because you will have tapped in to your higher knowing. The books of the Ramees series are designed to set you free, to reclaim your own power and personal connection to the Light of Truth and All That Is.  These books are like none before them because if all instructions are followed diligently, then further communication with the authors becomes unnecessary.

Our intent is to show you how to liberate yourself permanently from the third dimension reality of suffering, disease, conflict and deception so that you can experience a higher state of consciousness made famous by the prophets of history. This is no elusive myth or fantasy, this is the real deal. We want to show you what working with the Light is really like and it does not involve becoming reliant upon another person, guru, mentor or teacher. When Christ said "Follow Me" this meant "Follow My Ways" not to walk behind him in idol worship, but to walk the same healing path taken by the Son of God. 

​It is your task to heal the injustice and imbalance of the legacy you've inherited and accumulated throughout your previous lives. It is time for you to become the Christ Master of your own Council of 12  (your 12 most prominent past lives or disciples) and unify your experiences to become the most evolved version of yourself ever to incarnate. You now have the opportunity to cancel out all your karmic debts with all those whose lives you have impacted from the beginning of time to this present day. This is the gift your ancestors only dreamed about but through you can become a reality in this lifetime. The purpose of life is to heal and evolve.

By following the teachings of Ramees, you walk the ultimate healing path to become CHRISTED or anointed. "Christed" refers to the state of perfection in the eyes of GOD, being at peace with yourself, upholding attributes of the Light, being without blemish or the stain of past misdeeds, being without sin or fault. This state of perfection can only be reached by following the healing path explained by Ramees to cease and release inappropriate behaviour, this is the eternal meaning of REPENTANCE.  "To Repent" means to cease and release any behaviour which causes harm or suffering.  If you wish, please see examples of repentance described in the scriptures


Threebridges is not a religion, nor is it a cult or affiliated with any other group or organization, commercial, religious or otherwise. The Wisdom of GOD has nothing to do with any religion although many people the world over worship religions in the name of GOD. You can only become one with GOD through yourself, never by a certain faith, another person or religious belief. The path to Oneness is to be walked alone without an intermediary taking away your power and claiming superiority and sovereignty over you.