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The Real Meanings of Biblical Words

There is so much debate about the meanings of biblical words and phrases that we have decided to set the record straight. Too many people are unaware they are committing sins daily because they do not know the real meanings of biblical phrases and words. For too long the truth of Universal Law and the Laws of God have been shrouded in deception. We guarantee the meanings we have applied to words on this page are as valid today as the day they were handed down by the Universal Mind (GOD)


Adultery:  is the art of deceiving by keeping of secrets. Many religions will tell you adultery is having sex out side of your marriage. It is if you don't tell your partner what you have done or what you are going to do. The bible clearly explains how the only people guilty of adultery are the ones who had extra marital affairs and kept it secret from their partners or whoever else was involved or associated with the relationship.  

Basically if you and your partner sit down and let each other know who you want to have sex with outside of your marriage and mutually agree to be honest with each other as to your actions, then neither are you are guilty of adultery. However if you keep the secret from the one your having the sexual affair with, then you commit adultery and they don't. It all comes down to the ones who keep the secret are the ones committing adultery. This does not mean you and your partner can start swinging and be free from committing sin because to have sex without real love is fornication which is also a sin. 

Angel: angels and demons are both entities and are much the same in that neither tell the whole truth. Basically Angels are Demons masquerading as something good born of God but they are just demons tricking those who listen to them.  

Anointed: is the word used for being Christed, free of sin, and anointed with the Holy Spirit or energy of God which can only happen for those who are pure, free of sin because they have released all of their sins using The Perfection Mirror Sin Releasing Technique which is explained in Book 2 "The Law of Ramees"

Apocalypse: the uncovering or exposing of a revelation or knowledge of heavenly secrets, for example  "The Universal Law of The Perfection Mirror" is a heavenly secret exposed by Ramees and is therefore the Apocalypse.

Armageddon: is the the final war on Earth between Good and Evil or Light and Dark forces. The war is between those who choose to heal and evolve and those who think they don't have to. 

As Above So Below: refers to the link or communication between the Micro and the Macro world. What is stored in the Internal Micro Universe of the human DNA is the world below and what we see in the External Macro Universe is the Above world. 

Ascension: is the raising of body and mind vibration, this raises conscious awareness and is the process to Ascend into a higher vibration of living, a higher dimension. 

Baptism: is not getting dunked in water by a priest. Real baptism is the washing away of sins which can only be done by releasing them from the DNA of your Subconscious Mind (the Body) ... The process for releasing sin is explained in "The Law of Ramees"

Born Again: is the term used for those who have healed themselves of all sin by releasing all traumatic memories from their DNA. When we are free of the sins of our past and no longer desire anything of the material world, we become what is known as "CHRISTED" and this is the meaning of "Born Again". The proof of being Born Again or Christed is a realisation that you are self sufficient and no longer rely on anything external other than AIR, SUNLIGHT and WATER to live. Your body will rejuvenate continuously preventing the aging process which will see male bodies hold a constant age of approximately 24 years while females will look around 18 years of age. At present there are no people on Earth who can claim to be Born Again. Saying you are "Born Again" or joining a so called Born Again religion does not make you Born Again. To be Born Again you must have pure DNA which is free of sin. This means you will not age and never suffer sickness or disease. You will have access to extra sensory powers of telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation and more. 

Christ:  is the purest incarnation of the Creator, the sin free embodiment of God in physical flesh.  

Christed: is the term used to reach a level of achievement to be free of opinions, perspectives, judgements and beliefs. This sin free state of mind is also known as "JUST IS" This means that our masculine and feminine or Yin/Yang energies are balanced. The process to balance our male/female energies is to release traumatic memories (sin) stored in our DNA. This is why Christ said we must repent of our sins or we will perish with them. Christ also said that to enter into Heaven on Earth we must be Free of Sin. Repent means to cease and release sin. Once in balance we become Christed and so inherit the gift of Eternal Life since being Christed means our body and our DNA is free of sin and able to function as it was intended. This means our body constantly rejuvenates its cells preventing the aging process.   

Cleansing: the Earth is being cleansed of all those who refuse to heal and evolve, this happens at the end of every Galactic Cycle. Anybody who wishes to live can heal themselves by following the Path of Ramees which is the Healing Path of Christ. 

Confess: You can confess your sins and crimes of the past to God or to a priest, it will make no difference to your life unless you repent which is to release the sins from your DNA.

Creator: is the Creator of ALL THAT IS, also known as God. The Creator God incarnates on Earth many times, always first and last in every Galactic Cycle and thousands of times throughout any 26,000 year cycle. The incarnation of the One true Creator God is called "The Son" or in the past "The Sun" which gives hope of salvation and the light of truth.

Demon: is an entity who inhabits a human body and refuses to heal and evolve. This is because they were born of the dark (during the reign of Lucifer). Over 90% of Earths population are demons inhabiting human bodies. They themselves do not know they are demons. In fact many of them are partly working for the light without knowing it. 

Devil: short for Do Evil "D'evil", the Devil is anybody who does evil. Can also mean Satan, Beelzebub, Baal, Lucifer, Raal or any other name you want to call the Lord of the Negative Ego. This Demon entity has no body of his own and uses all humans to do his work. All who do evil are following the instructions of the Negative Ego and thus follow the Devil. The One true Living God calls him the False God because he has no body of his own. No one person is Lucifer, the Devil or any other name given to the one we call the Lord of the Negative Ego. He is just the silent self destructive voice from within. 

​Eternal Life: is the promised gift for those who heal and evolve. When we repent which is to cease and release sinful behaviour we become pure or Christed and our DNA constantly rejuvenates our body preventing the aging process. The next step after this is to evolve into the Light Body so that we can traverse through other dimensions and commune with the parts of our soul family who have never incarnated.   

Exorcist: One who removes evil spirits or entities attached to the aura or energy field of a person. Although many claim to be exorcists, only the Son of God is capable of removing entities and evil spirits from those who are possessed. 

Father: is the the Universal Mind (God) Each of us has a high Mind which can be seen by some psychics as a spark of light about 1 metre above the forehead. This is the part of us which can connect to the Universal Mind (Father) In the case of the Son of God, his High Mind is the Universal Mind.

Fornication: is the act of having sex without love. Anybody who has sex before they have completed their healing journey to become a Christed being who is pure and free of sin is guilty of fornicating. You do not know what love is until you are fully healed. The desire to have sex is lust and is one of the seven deadly sins. 

God: is the Universal mind and ALL THAT IS. God inhabits a physical human body on Earth called "The Son of God"

Heaven:is paradise on Earth. It is the same geographic planet but in the time after the Victim & Martyr  Age of Pisces.

Healing:means to join the four separate minds into one. This means releasing all of our opinions, perspectives, judgements and beliefs we have stored in our DNA caused by many lifetimes of experiencing trauma. We align our conscious, subconscious, unconscious and high minds to activate a fifth super mind called the Monad Mind. With the activation of the Monad Mind comes the gift of Eternal Life and superhuman abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, levitation and more. 

Hell: only exists on the Earth plane and is part of the duality experience of 3D Earth, it is where all who refuse to heal and evolve end up upon the death of their physical body.

Hell fire & Brimstone: is the biblical phrase for "death and rebirth" or "Reincarnation"

Holy Trinity: is the three parts which make up God on Earth. The Father which is the Universal Mind of ALL THAT IS and is the High Mind of the Son of God which is the physical incarnation of the Universal Mind in human physical flesh. The Holy ghost or the Soul of God which is the feminine counterpart to the Son of God. She is the Eve to Adam.  

Lucifer: is the name given to the Negative Ego of man which resides in his left brain hemisphere. Lucifer is an entity and does not exist in physical form except in those human beings which use their analytical brain in preference to their creative brain. Basically anybody who chooses to seek university and system schooling and qualifications, certificates and licences which they think validate their superiority over others. Lucifer was spawned 13,600 years ago when the human brain was split into left and right hemispheres. Lucifer or the negative ego is the false God Christ warned us not to worship. 

Marriage: is when the male and female have finished their healing journey and have become as one unit. They may still be in separate bodies but work in unison without conflict. He is the decision maker and she is his support. When a male and female come together as soul partners in balance after completing their healing they are seen in the eyes of God as married. They need not sign papers as we do today in the Luciferian system we still reside under. 

Possessed: a person who has evil entities attached to their aura/energy field draining them and influencing their behaviour. 

​Prostitution: commonly referred to as a sex worker who charges a fee for sex. Also refers to anybody who works for money since in the eyes of God, it makes no difference which part of your Holy temple (Body) you use to make money. You are still prostituting yourself to the negative ego's desire to make money. 

​Pure as a Child: means to be free of sin. Put simply this means to be free of opinions, perspectives, judgements and beliefs. To be free of the traumatic memories which caused the opinions and beliefs in the first place. 

Purgatory:  it is where the dead await their judgement by the Creator

Repent: to cease committing sinful behaviours. To stop doing what we know is wrong or what God has said is wrong. The only way to know what sins we need to cease is by working  with the Universal Law of The Perfection Mirror. Once we have ceased each inappropriate behaviour we must then release it from our body's DNA. This is to prevent any recurrence as the Universal Mind will continue to mirror to us what is stored in our DNA. Once we have ceased and released a particular sin, the Universe will no longer show it to us. Repent means to Cease and Release Sin. Traumatic memories are sin. 

 the revealing or disclosing of some truth or knowledge.

Rites of Passage: The process of getting in contact with the Higher Mind. It is the joining of the three lower minds by bringing them into alignment with the vibration of the Higher Mind. The Three lower minds are the conscious (the emotional child) the subconscious ( runs & stores info in the body) and the unconscious (stores past life memories and trauma)  

Satan: is the name derived from the planet Saturn and represents endurance, limitations and governs material existence. Satan is not the devil but is the force of necessary structure and discipline we need for physical life. 

Son of God: is the physical incarnation of God. The Son is another word for physical body. The Father is the High Mind and the Son is the Body. So, the Son of God is the Body of God or God in human form. Osiris was the Son of God or God in physical form 13,600 yrs ago. Yeshua was the Son of God 2000 yrs ago. God has lived on Earth in many bodies of which mankind is not aware of. Yeshua said he would return at the end of the Age of Pisces but he did not say what his name would be. We can assure you it is not Jesus, that was a metaphoric name made up to attribute many of the aspects of God without having to specify specific names of each incarnation. God has had many incarnations since the death of Yeshua.

Sin: is any behaviour which makes you feel guilty, nervous, anxious, fearful or lose energy. Sin is to disobey the laws of God which are the Ten Commandments or the Code of Conduct which is required to Ascend. It is a sin to waste, break or harm anything. 

Void: Is the space beyond physical reality, the place where there is no light, only darkness. There is nothing there to see, hear, smell, taste or touch. 

Worship: means to listen to, to take notice of, pay attention to, take advice from. It does not mean to get on your knees and wave your arms towards the one you are receiving advice from, that is idolising. 

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