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The Path Of Ramees


The Rise Of Ramees


In November 2008, "The Blue Ones" our spiritual advisors from the SIRIUS star system approached the one they call "Ramees" and told him it was time to start "healing."  The series of conversations they had about human evolution explain where we've come from and what we need to do to move forward and this information is the catalyst for those who know they are here to help  humanity reach the next level…and are ready to do something about it. 

For those who have chosen to evolve, it is time to release the many lifetimes of accumulated traumatic memories from our DNA, because clearing our DNA restores our masculine and feminine back in to balance or zero point...and this is the clean slate we need before we can move forward.  The 3 Ramees books are a complete series delivering precisely what each one of us needs to do to achieve this evolutionary transition. 

​:: You don't need a whole library full of books to gain life altering wisdom, just 3 books of the Ramees Series will do it ::

  Book One  is your Illumination to bring new awareness

                                                                   Book Two  is your Liberation to release whatever is holding you back

                                                           Book Three  is your Graduation to reach your highest potential 


The Law Of Ramees