Helping Humanity Move Forward



The Blue Ones are energy consciousness and have never incarnated in to a physical body, they have been working with humanity since the beginning of time as our spiritual advisors and teachers. They reach us via the SIRIUS vortex which all consciousness must pass through in order to incarnate and have a physical life on Earth.  Their guiding influence has been recorded throughout history as Sky Gods, Watchers, Angels and the Anunnaki.


:: Book One Extracts ::

"We are known to Channel as “The Blue Ones” we do not have specific name as you name things. We do have names but they are not in physical dimension and therefore you could not write it or pronounce it and so we don’t give Channel opportunity to put any value on a name we might have.  But we are from the star system that you know called Sirius and we are assisting humanity to evolve through this point in their consciousness, in order to do what they have planned to do for a long time. Which is to master matter.

So what we are sharing with you now is that in order to become enlightened, you need to unload the heavy weight and lighten up, yes?  For if you don’t, you cannot become enlightened.  And this involves going through and working with all of the experiences you have taken on board, in this lifetime from conception but particularly early childhood, shall we suggest the first 6 or 7 years.  And in all other lifetimes when you have taken on these dynamics. 

This is the heaviest your body has ever been, believe it or not.  You may think you are becoming enlightened, but in reality, you are still descending in to the depths of heaviness because all of the heaviness is still stored in your auric field and in the cells of your body. 

And so, what is the heaviness?  The heaviness is the attitudes, the perspectives, the opinions, the beliefs you’ve taken on board about yourself.  For you see, as you respond to those…so you choose to eat.  As you choose to eat, so your body develops with which you eat.  That is the process how it works.  The mind chooses the food, the body chooses what the food does to create your physical mass. And for those of you who have not been well lately, we would suggest to you it is time to start clearing out the mind of all that illusion you have parked in there, over many lifetimes. 

You are about clearing out the heaviness of the data of the storehouses…right now, in order to go in to a Light Body.  You can use whatever combinations of words you like… Lighten Up!  Unload The Baggage!  Take Off The Weight Off Your Shoulders!  Whatever you choose, it is the same meaning in what we are sharing with you.

So, your journey for the next short period of time…certainly over the next 2 years of your time, you are going to see many Mirrors reflected back to you…which you have chosen by the way…to reflect back to you what you don't want, in order to go forward.  Now, if you would like to make it…and you would like your planet to make it as well…you need to make a Conscious Choice. 

We are not telling you to do this!  We are telling you of a consequence of not making choices for you to evolve.  We are simply here to guide your process…but the decision is yours…not ours.  We are simply here at your service for your highest good to support YOU and your journey.

Now that you have become acquainted with us, be aware that we are the advisers of your soul group or your spiritual family. We are part of YOU and you are part of US.

Does that mean that you are GOD?  Yes, it does. 

Does that mean that GOD is you?  Yes, it does. 

And please…if you hear anyone say any different, now you know the truth."