Book One  is your Illumination to bring new awareness

                                                                                 Book Two  is your Liberation to release whatever is holding you back
                                                                     Book Three  
is your Graduation to reach your highest potential

​​Books In Print Format
The wisdom contained in the Ramees Series is about opening a dialogue with all aspects of your self and there are too many distractions when using electronic devices.  This wisdom cannot be properly expressed bit by bit on a website page or across a number of video presentations.  These books deserve to be held in your hands, to be read when you are focused and calm with all electronic devices switched off.  New insights will emerge when you re-read the books for reference in light of the unfolding events in your life.  

The Entire Message In 3 Books
The 3 books of the Ramees Series are specifically designed to provide you with the complete message and all the necessary instructions to complete your healing journey by yourself.  With the 3 books, you will know how to interpret what is going on around you, you will know what to do and you will know how to develop a relationship with your own guidance to support your specific needs. You only need these 3 books to get the complete message, there are no ongoing costs or commitments.  This means there is no need to seek out further instructions from the authors, waiting for updates or having to stream videos online or attend workshops or seminars.  This means you have everything you need without being reliant on anyone else as a spiritual teacher or mentor.   

A Solo Mission
The path of healing and evolution is a solo journey and the paradox here is that only by healing ourselves individually can we change our co-created reality as an evolving humanity.  It is time to leave others to find their own way and concentrate on yourself.  Only you can recognize and release the trauma stored in your DNA. Only you can change yourself. Only you can heal yourself.  Don't waste your precious time and energy trying to heal others and likewise no-one else can do it for you.

The Rise of Ramees  :: Book One Special Introductory Offer 25% Off ::


​​The Law Of Ramees  is the highly anticipated second book in the Ramees series, for those who have read Book One and have made their own conscious choice to heal and evolve. 

If you were rocked by Book One, then be prepared for the ante to be upped yet again with Book Two which unleashes Step Two of the healing process, describing exactly what it takes to release all the trauma we've accumulated throughout our lifetimes. Once you understand how it really works, you can clear your multidimensional DNA forever and evolve to the next level with the "Light Body" or "Eternal Life." 

With a straight talking style of delivery, The Law Of Ramees "The Red Pill" takes us on a journey through the rabbit hole, supported by the structure of Universal Law and the common sense of how this applies to human evolution.  This is a practical reference guide with the instructions that liberate us from the blockages of the mind presenting as disease and emotional turmoil such as PTSD, OCD, anxiety, depression, phobias, fears, jealousy and anger.  

Book One "The Rise Of Ramees" is a vital step of initiation and illumination for anyone who happens to find it, prompting a necessary reset for those already interested in spirituality and all those striving to reach their highest potential. Please don't attempt "The Law Of Ramees" without reading Book One first, because despite how awake and aware you think you might be…you won't be ready for it. 


​:: Last Update:  11-08-2018 :: We are still working on "The Law of Ramees" daily.


Estimated release late-2018

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