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"I knew right away that this book was really important for my ascension path and it hasn't disappointed. It was exactly what I needed to advance and it'll help you too"    .....   Anita

"The Rise Of Ramees is a book of spiritual guidance and techniques. Totally brilliant, sensitively written, perfectly structured and packed full of insight and love. The most important of all is that it harmonized the truth which is ALL THAT IS"        .....   Abegunde

"Quite surprised, not like any other book I've read before. The Blue Ones don't pull any punches and Ramees seems to be far more spiritually advanced than anybody I've ever met. The authors little commentaries certainly help set the scene with some fascinating background history. I thoroughly enjoyed it but hope they can publish book two while I'm all psyched up and rearing to go"     .....  Simon

​​The Rise Of Ramees  is the opening chapter of a ground breaking series revealing the wisdom to evolve and achieve Eternal Life in this lifetime. 

This first book shines the spotlight on definitions of New Age Spirituality and reveals the fundamental truths about this post 2012 era - consider this the reset button on spirituality, religion and end times prophecy. The six channelled sessions with "The Blue Ones" and the explosive supporting commentary set the record straight about this crucial time of transition. This book begins the master class for spiritual development with a practical set of instructions, to learn how to raise your vibration and merge the different aspects of your consciousness.

The Blues Ones explain to Ramees...“What we are sharing with you is the process of secret healing that has long been sought after whereby your DNA mends itself.  That is the process of spiritual’s the DNA moving in to its divine perfection...and as it does, your body vibration elevates, your need for external protein dissipates.  You survive as you have on air, the sunlight and the water

"You cannot influence their choice, you can simply shine your light that they might see.  And those who make the decision to move forward will do so and those who make the decision not to...well, they have their own consequence, but that is not your concern. You came here for humanity was going down a certain path and if it went down that certain path, it would not do what it set out to do, which was to evolve to the next level of its expression"

Humanity is facing a pivotal choice to avoid the prophesied 7th mass extinction.    The Rise of Ramees is designed to support all those who choose Evolution and Life. 

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Book One: The Rise of Ramees introduces you to the workings of Universal Law and enables you to start your healing journey by showing you how to raise your body vibration, the first step in healing. This must be done in preparation for step two which is to raise the vibration of your consciousness to expand your awareness. 

Book Two: The Law of Ramees has the complete instructions on How to Release traumatic memories and programs from your DNA. When these are released from you, the veil of illusion which covers your eyes from seeing the truth is lifted. Your opinions, perspectives, judgements and beliefs are the illusions of the mind which are caused by trauma.

Book Three: The Path of Ramees helps the reader to comprehend the fullness of the teachings of the Universal Law of The Perfection Mirror. With all three books there is no need to seek out other instructions from us or any other spiritual advisers. These three books have the complete information necessary to start and finish your self healing journey without any need for more books, workshops or seminars. One cost, one time, no ongoing fees guaranteed.   

Without Books One and Two it is not possible to heal yourself of all the trauma which is stored in your body's DNA. Traumatic memories have been programmed into your DNA from thousands of lifetimes which you can't even remember. How else would we know what trauma is stored in the internal micro universe of our DNA if the external macro universe did not mirror it to us? The Universal Law of The Perfection Mirror is vital knowledge needed for recognising and releasing traumatic memories and subconscious programming. Only Ramees books have this info.

Healing is a solo journey. Only you can heal you, so don't waste time looking for somebody else to heal you. Anybody who claims they can heal you is either deluded or a charlatan trying to deceive you into giving them your money. Only you can recognise and release trauma stored in your DNA with the aid of Universal Law. It is impossible to share over 1000 pages of wisdom from the Ramees series books onto a website. Power blackouts, internet viruses and environmental disasters make internet access unreliable and an inappropriate forum to read this information. 

Ramees Books are the most tangible and practical way to learn about the most important discovery ever made. These books are a necessary tool as you will need to continually return to them for reference which is easier and more reliable than a computer which has too many other distractions. This is not some scare tactic just to sell you a book, we do not make money from books so we can't afford to print and post books to everyone for free. You must work with Universal Law, it is a prerequisite to start and complete your healing journey. If you feel the $100 cost of three books is too high a price to pay for the wisdom to gain Eternal Life, then you really need to get your priorities in order.

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